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Board Searches

Having quietly grown to become one of Top 10 executive search organizations in the world, Cornerstone International Group global offices are frequently retained to identify and evaluate potential Outside Members for Boards of Directors, Boards of Trustees, Boards of Governors, and/or Advisory Boards of small, medium, and large organizations in both the private sector and public sector, nationally and internationally.

Although some Boards are considered more prestigious than others, the Selection Committee of each Board demands the highest recruiting standards in terms of competence, compatibility, integrity, and confidentiality.   Likewise, candidates for Outside Director positions require comparable professionalism, accuracy, and discretion.

In prior decades, CEO's notoriously recruited "friends" onto their Boards; however, because Directors are increasingly being held accountable for their decisions, CEO's of today are finding less of their friends are willing to serve as Outside Directors.   Consequently, contemporary Boards are tending to use executive search organizations like Cornerstone significantly more often to locate individuals who are willing and competent to serve in such Board capacities.

As with other retained executive searches, Outside Director search assignments entail similar steps (1) diagnosis and planning, (2) position specifications, (3) manual and computerized research, (4) sourcing and recruiting, (5) face-to-face interview screening, (6) candidate dossiers, (7) client interviews, (8) careful reference checking, (9) offer negotiations, and (10) follow up.

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