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The Career Management Service is a product of CORNERSTONE INTERNATIONAL GROUP U.S.A. Its aim is to support individuals to systematically go about a career change process, within a different organization or context. The Cornerstone methodology is based on three parameters:

  • Strategic and tactical consulting concerning the best way to go about a change search.
  • In depth analysis of an executive’s personal worth and desired direction.
  • Networking support in the market.

The Career Management program follows a systematic methodology of direction and support, customized to the personality and needs of each executive, until a decision is reached to enter a new working environment. This environment may be a new employer, self-employment of any kind, or a business venture in some form. The Career Management program promises to systematically guide an individual to make the right decisions and to support his effort, but does not promise placement within an organization.

The Career Management program is a 30 hour formal consulting process, as well as unlimited continuous support. Each session of the process requires considerable work on the side of the person involved, in order to build the best possible chance to achieve a career goal at the level and magnitude desired. The main phases of the program are as follows:

  1. Determination of the main value added of the specific individual within the specific market. Analysis of specialization, experience, personality and desired direction.
  2. Development of a personal strategy to enter a targeted position, based on the competencies and ambitions of the individual.
  3. Implementation of the above strategy through systematic contact with organizations who will be able to offer the candidate a position or act as liaisons to other firms. Systematic development of a personal network.
  4. Personal consulting on the effective presentation of the candidates’ personal worth (experiences, successes) to potential employers or co-operators.
  5. Co-evaluation of offers and support in negotiation.
  6. Support during the first months of the candidates new professional direction concerning problems or issues that he may need to deal with.

In addition to the above consulting and strategic direction support, CORNERSTONE will utilize its own global network to facilitate contacts with companies and organizations within the interest area of the people we will be working with.

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