Yener Tugay


Yener Tugay is a graduate of TED Ankara College and Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Business Management. He started his career at Unilever, Turkey and he worked there for the Marketing Department between 1966 -1981. During these years he served for Unilever Philippines for 3 years and Unilever USA for one year. He was the Marketing and Sales Director of Detergents and Personal Products in the last three years of his service with Unilever. Prior to entering the consulting business, he also worked for Beymen (the top fashion clothing chain in Turkey) between 1982-1984, where he held the position of the General Manager.
In 1984 he founded Ekser Consulting Inc. and he is currently the company's Chairman. He is also the founder of the Turkish Management Consultants Association where he held the position of the President, between 1996 -1998. He has also been active in business articles writing, with over 200 published articles, and he has participated in several business programs. His biography was published in the 5th edition of "Who is Who - International" as well as in the entire editions of "Kim Kimdir" which is the Turkish version of the same publication. He is named among Turkey's top 25 consultants by "Capital", the leading business magazine of Turkey.

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